Message Standards

FleetNet Message StandardsFleetNet’s message standards cover a range of regularly used forms and documents. Paperless trading simplifies the processes involved as well as making the information sent and received more secure and retrievable.

Fleetnet is continually developing new Electronic Commerce standards for the vehicle fleet industry. Already these have included invoices, quotations, orders, acknowledgements, remittance advices and credit notes. Codes defining maintenance activities have also been developed for inclusion in messaging.


Contract Hire Quote Request
Contract Hire Order
Contract Hire Order Amendment
New Vehicle Order
Vehicle Reservation
Vehicle Data Transfer Service
Tax Control Message
Supplier Goods Invoice
Breakdown Invoice
Contract Hire Quote Response
Contract Hire Order Response
Contract Hire Invoice
New Vehicle Invoice
Vehicle Rental Invoice
Maintenance & Repair Invoice
Remittance Advice
General Vehicle Services Invoice

Access to international standards through association with Tradacoms, Edifact and the Article Number Association (ANA) places FleetNet members in the main stream of Electronic Commerce – Befitting for the size and importance of the vehicle fleet industry.