FleetNet AccreditationEvery electronic commerce application requires careful planning to ensure all options are considered and the relevant steps undertaken in a manner that best fits the business requirement. FleetNet does this via the RoadMap which is a checklist – a step by step guide – of all the processes necessary to implement EDI successfully, including both VAN (Value Added Network) and Internet-delivered EDI. It is designed to be both easy to use and to help take the complexity out of EDI implementation, yet provide sufficient

An Accreditation Scheme has been established for the vendors of products and services necessary to implement EDI and electronic commerce solutions. These include consultancies, training organisations, software providers, VAN and Internet providers, application providers and a host of others. Vendors’ products and services meeting FleetNet standards will be certificated with the FleetNet “tick-it” and promoted as such to the vehicle fleet industry. Vendors are also cross-referenced on the Implementation Map so users will know who to turn to for help at each stage of the process.

The ‘FleetNet Road Map for Electronic Commerce‘ provides significant benefits for all our members and vendors. Through the accreditation process there is assurance that certificated products and services are appropriate with proven methodology and incorporate ratified FleetNet standards for the vehicle fleet industry.

An implementation map is freely available to all members, for further details please contact FleetNet Admin. There is a nominal administrative charge to vendors for accreditation.

Reaping the Benefits

The FleetNet Roadmap for Electronic Commerce provides significant benefits for all our members.

For Our User Members

  • a well-defined, step-by-step guide for electronic commerce implementation, including a comprehensive checklist of the necessary stages.
  • an indicator of the products and services available on the market from vendors who have been accredited by FleetNet as meeting the FleetNet standards of best practice (as accredited from information supplied by the vendor).
  • faster, more effective electronic commerce implementation – based upon FleetNet standards.
  • a proven methodology, ratified by FleetNet, that incorporates FleetNet standards for industry best practice.

For Our Vendor Members

  • through the accreditation process, knowledge that accredited products and services are appropriate for the fleet industry.
  • promotion by FleetNet of accredited products and services to the vehicle industry – and to potential customers
  • a close association with FleetNet, the E-Commerce authority for the vehicle fleet industry.

For All Our Members

  • a wider awareness of FleetNet and FleetNet standards of best electronic commerce practice.