FleetNet Technology

iStock_000000907493_SmallToday’s competitive trading environment exists in the context of a revolution in telecommunications. The Internet and e-mail in particular have brought tremendous changes to the way business communicates, conducts research and presents itself and takes its products to the international marketplace.

The combination of UK and international article numbering and bar code standards allows information to be transferred and acted upon with increasing speed and efficiency. These enabling technologies are supplemented by the opportunities offered by the World Wide Web.

FleetNet standards are a core element of these technologies, allowing disparate computer systems to communicate efficiently and accurately. Without FleetNet, every new electronic trading relationship would be a major hurdle, and the industry would remain bound to paper.

Speedy and accurate transactions provided by Electronic Commerce set alongside reduced labour and management input will provide improved service industry wide. Increased business throughput, competitive cost analysis and operational practices will lead on to higher levels of customer care and satisfaction.

FleetNet provides the opportunity for members to not only exploit the potential of Electronic Commerce but to be involved with designing the very processes that will build the business links of the future and contribute to the profitable management of vehicle fleets.