Model Codes

Binary CodeOne of the first achievements of Fleetnet was to create a standard coding system to describe vehicle models in a consistent manner. These model codes are available to FleetNet members to assist in the transfer of data between disparate systems.

The Standard Model Codes consist of 18 elements with a total length of 23 characters, which cover both cars and commercial vehicles. Each of the elements has its own set of unique values. For example a manufacturer is designated with two letters – e.g. FD for Ford, and so on.

FleetNet administers the codes and their use with the support of accredited suppliers. This ensures that all transactions follow the correct procedures and the FleetNet service is consistent and accurate.

The FleetNet Data Standards have been developed in conjunction with other industry bodies involved in electronic commerce and particularly electronic data interchange.

This ensures that FleetNet messages and directory information will integrate with other management programmes.

FleetNet is the industry standard, low entry cost future for electronic trading. Through an annual licence fee the members can originate and distribute information using the FleetNet code criteria through the FleetNet system to their trading partners at no additional charge. The continuous maintenance and development of the Model codes means that users have a tool that keeps pace with their requirements. Updates are supplied on a monthly basis.