TRADACOMMS EDI FormatAll dates within TRADACOMS are held as 6 digits. This includes control fields in the STX (Start of transmission) segment and all user data date fields. The Article Number Association (ANA) administers the TRADACOMS standards and it decided not to change the standards to be Year 2000 compliant. Indeed, the ANA recognised the need to adopt International EDI standards a number of years ago and all development of the TRADACOMS standards was suspended as early as 1995. TRADACOMS does not plan to support the standard beyond Year 2000.

This means that FleetNet is therefore unable to produce any Y2K compliant message standards based upon the standards.

Thus, in order to ensure compliance, FleetNet recommends that trading partners ensure that sending and receiving software applications and intermediate EDI software have been synchronised and will determine the correct date when needed.

Separate strategies to deal with solution definition and approach requirements will have to be agreed for each trading relationship because the impact of Year 2000 will vary from organisation to organisation. It is recommended that the strategy is agreed between the partners and drawn up in a formal ‘Interchange Agreement’. This will be particularly important for organisations with multiple trading partners who use the same messages but at differing levels of diversity.