TRADACOMMS EDI FormatThe EDIFACT standards are administered by the UN and are based on the ISO 9735 syntax standard. FleetNet Members should note that the syntax in the current version of ISO 9735 (Version 3) is NOT year 2000 compliant.

Version 4 of ISO 9735 was approved in October 1998 and it contains an 8-digit UNB segment. The new EDIFACT ISO 9735 Version 4 is now available. However, this may not be the final version and when it is finalised, the FleetNet model codes and standards will incorporate the changes.

In the meantime, the advice we offer to FleetNet members using Edifact is this:the ‘fix’ to the UNB will not be available for the millennium transition. Avoid sequencing files that have been sent to using UNB either side of the transition point because this is when problems are most likely to occur.

Edifact messages may be year 2000 compliant or not dependent on the population of the DTM segment.

The DTM Segment

The DTM segment carries date and time information. The data is sent in element 2380 and is qualified by the code in the following element 2379. Hence 23rd September 1998 may be sent as:

2380 980923
2381 101
2382 19980923
2383 102



More date and time formats are available and described in code list 2379.

Please note that the 1998 FleetNet standards have been upgraded to always use 4-digit years.

UNB Syntax

The EDIFACT syntax has the date and time of preparation held within the UNB segment. The UNB segment is the Interchange Header and is used to start, identify and specify an interchange. Within the segment the date and time is held as a complex element consisting of 2 simple data elements being the date and time. The date is 6 digits and represents the date of preparation of the message.

Some organisations will use the UNB dates for sequencing messages prior to processing. Unless the dates are converted to 4 digits or some windowing techniques are employed the sequencing (or any other use of the dates) may be incorrectly processed.

The revised syntax has not yet been published by ISO and FleetNet advises all Members to seek specific advice from their service providers.